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BeanBooks’ Debut

BeanBooks is a book recommendation system for family and friends.  Anyone can register and recommend books.   As I write this, it is in an early stage of development.  Right now you can:

  • Recomend books;
  • Edit the entries for the books you have recommended;
  • Browse through the recommended books;
  • Filter/sort your selection on books in various ways;
  • Download a utility that lets you browse through Amazon and easily create BeanBooks entries that include an image of the book and a link to the book on Amazon’s site.

Features that I haven’t yet implemented include:

  • The ability to indicate that you would like a book;
  • The ability to indicate that you already own a book;
  • The ability to “reserve” a book that somebody else wants, so that you can give it as a gift;
  • The ability to add comments to other users’ recommendations.

Already there are over 70 books in the system – thanks in large part to Meg’s determined efforts!

If you’d like to be kept abreast of developments to the system keep an eye on these pages.  I’ll post each new version as it is released.

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