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Barbara, 1967

Amanda on Swing at Beach

Barbara and Amanda, Nantucket, 1974


Amanda, 1974

Barbara on wall

Barbara, 1970

Barbara at Garney's

Garney, 1970

Dad and Meg on stairs at Bird Hill

Meg with candle

Meg's first birthday

Barbara with Meg on 1st birthday


Bill and Mark at Deerfield

The first of many

Juniper and yarn, 872 Mass Ave.

Barbara on rocks

Amanda on beach


Meg, Amanda and Dad after blizard

Meg & Jason in boat at Rowe

Plink! Plank! Plunk!

Meg, Barbara, Amanda & Bill at Chatam

Meg, Amanda, Dad at Great Point?

Meg picking blueberries

Meg in Nantucket?

Meg with a beachball

Snowshowing with the Boeberts

Meg at Ted's Cliff house 1973

Meg and Barbara at Altar Rock

Meg and Barbara

Meg in flowers, Nantucket

Meg and Dad, Nantucket

Meg and Dad on the beach

Bill and Gae's wedding

Bob Aylmer at Bill and Gae's wedding

Bob and Donna, New Year's 1977

Snowstorm in Cambridge, 1967

Tim & Jill Spooner at Whittier St.

Barbara on the North Shore, 1967