Marie Boulet

Marie Boulet, age 11, sitting on what was once the doorstep of her home. She is one of the girls I worked with.

Boulogne-sur-Mer, Christmas 1948. "And a light shall shine on those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our footsteps into the paths of peace."

Dear Poss & Mrs. Cross,. Thank you, Poss, so much for the good letter - which came some time back & will be answered later - and thank you both for the two wonderful food boxes which came through about two weeks ago. They have just the right sorts of things in. Have been going[?] on the vitamins both for me and the two little boys that stay with us, & they have made a difference already. Poss, you asked whether people would really die here of starvation this winter. Perhaps not directly - but people who are continually underfed - as many many still are - catch pneumonia & T.B. very easily. There is no good restaurant in town. The men who have no homes and work long hours come home with a fish in one hand, a loaf of bread under an arm, for supper. Then they die in January from the 'flu or something else. But enought of that. We plan to make Christmas joyous even if the surroundings are bleak and cold.

Love to you all, Hyla