"My friend Beverly Pratt and I set up a doctor's office in a henhouse and sent for free samples of Ipana, Nujol, Listerine, and Aregerol, which come addressed to Dr. Peggy Ann Cross."

"There were several henhouses, none as substantial as the Briggs', but undoubtedly with hens. One of the later occupants of the house, while in the Pacific during the war, dreamt that he saw his mother sitting on a henhouse roof and later found that his sister had an identical dream. This seemed odd as their mother had surely never been in a henhouse and, even more certainly, never on its roof."

It is said that Mr. Briggs used to retire to the henhouse for some peace and quiet.

(Quotes are from Rubbish by Margaret Bean.)

"Like water birds chickens have a certain majesty.  They also tend to be quite pompous, but they seldom blow their cool so they get away with it."

                                                         -- Jerry Cross