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Meg, Tim & Amanda entering the Seine

Bill at the entrance to the Seine

Tim crossing street (Rouen?)

Amanda upside down in the boat

Chapel at Mt. St. Michael

Richard I's castle on the Seine

Dinner time

Seine below Paris

Lock on Seine below Paris

Felicity below Paris

Tim hanging from the grabrails

Barbara steering on the Seine

Bill taking a nap in clean foul-weather gear


Bateau Mouche

Paris bridges

Notre Dame

Amanda & Tim at playground by Paris boat basin

Lionheart arrives in Paris

Lionheart entering boat basin

Beans & Grahams at Versaille

Felicity tied up above Paris

Slanty-sided lock (Note Meg on shore)

Felicity tied up on Yonne (Montargis?)

They're even harder going downstream

Who said that? And what did they say?

In lock with Tristram (Canal du Loing)

Canal du Loing

Old step locks

Seven locks

Tristram with swans

Signalling, icebergs ahead

Crossing the Loire

Tristram in lock

Leaving a lock on the Loire

With Tristam on the Canal Lateral a la Loire

Felicity under way

Felicity passing a peniche

Felicity entering a lock


Tristram entering a lock

Coming into town in the evening

Leaving a lock

Meg on her way into town

Frosty morning

Frosty morning II

Tight quarters on the Canal du Centre

Lock on the Canal du Centre

The Saone at Last

Laundry in Chalon. Puja, Barbara & Tim

Thanksgiving in Chalon

It was cold at Avignon

Tim was busy

Rhone current

Floating bollard

Boleen lock

Mistral-Six layers and it's still cold