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Meg with Bob & Donna

Bird Hill, 1973

Bob and Donna with Meg, 1973

Amanda watching TV

Amanda's first birthday

Amanda opens a present

Sprinkler, 1976

Leaves, 1977

Patticake, 1977

Amanda and friend

Whimsical? Or is that YoYo?


Christmas, 1974

Meg with tree, 1974

Amanda and YoYo's kittens

Amanda and kitten

Meg with kittens

Meg, Amanda and kittens

Amanda's third birthday

Meg at Amanda's birthday

Jessica at Amanda's birthday

Egg hunt

Meg and Amanda on seesaw

Maple sugaring. Note tap

Amanda, 1978

Gay and Jessica

Wipe out

Dad, Meg & Jessica


Starting out

It really did snow

Lots of snow

Meg shovelling

Amanda on the swing

Meg in the tree (look carefully)


Meg picking apples

With what, your bare hands?